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This page describes the process of getting IPv6 configured and working on the gumstix platform. (All paths listed are relative to the gumstix buildroot directory)

 * Compile IPv6 support into the Linux kernel being used.
   * cd build_arm_nofpu/linux-2.6.20gum/
   * make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=`pwd`/../staging_dir/bin/arm-linux- menuconfig
     * Configure all IPv6 Options you need
   * make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=`pwd`/../staging_dir/bin/arm-linux-
 * Set all the neccessary busybox tools to be compiled at the final make by editing the busybox config file ~target/device/Gumstix/basix-connex/busybox.config
   * The following options need to be set
   * Some optional but useful features I enabled
     * CONFIG_PING6=y
   * The version of busybox that comes with the gumstix buildroot is quite old and trying to use the daily snapshot didn't work for me so I also compiled a newer (1.4.1) version seperately and just copied that over, the newer versions have a lot of fixes for IPv6 in so it is a good idea to do this.
 * Setup uClibc to support IPv6
   * cd toolchain_build_arm_nofpu/uClibc
   * make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=../../build_arm_nofpu/staging_dir/bin/arm-linux- menuconfig
     * Enable IPv6 support under the Networking Support menu
   * Exit menuconfig
   * make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=../../build_arm_nofpu/staging_dir/bin/arm-linux-
 * Make the image
   * In the buildroot directory run 'make' and this should then build an IPv6 capable image, flash the Gumstix and you're off....
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